Double Chin (Fat Dissolving Injections)

If you are among the thousands of Australians who have wondered how to get rid of a double chin – you’ll be as excited as we are that the long awaited injectable treatment has been approved and released into Australia.  Find out more about doubles chins, the causes and our approach to treatment in the information below. Or get in touch and book a consultation to discuss your concerns and treatment plan specific to you.

What causes a double chin?

Double chins are a very common concern both in men and women. It is often caused by ageing, genetics or weight changes. Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or exercise, the fullness in this area may not go away – and it may make you feel like you look older and heavier than you actually are!

how does the treatment work?

The injection is made into the area underneath your chin. It works by breaking down the unwanted fat under your chin over the next few weeks and is a long-lasting, non-surgical answer to the double chin. It is based on deoxycholic acid, a chemical that is found naturally in the human body that disrupts the cell membrane of fat cells. The acid disrupts the adipocyte and lipocyte membranes, releasing the fat cells which are then easily absorbed by our natural body systems. Being an acid that occurs naturally in our body, deoxycholic acid injections are an effective treatment that is long-lasting, fast working and very safe. Normally produced by the body to break down the fat that we eat, this injection has been safely used internationally to break down unwanted fat cells under the chin too!