Birthmarks and Moles

Birthmarks and moles are very common – they can be found anywhere on the body, which is why often we see a demand for removal – especially if they are in obvious areas such as the face.

There are many varieties of moles. They can be described as junctional, compound, intradermal or congenital moles. They can be removed by excision, a shave excision (requires no sutures) or laser surgery. The type and size of mole will determine the treatment recommended. For a consultation, please contact us.

Birthmarks are common skin conditions that occur at or near birth. They appear in a variety of colours, ranging from red to brown. There are several ways of treating these marks, and it will depend on the age of the individual, and the birthmark at hand.

At The Skin Centre, we treat a variety of birthmarks including; epidermal and sebaceous naevi, café au lait patches, port wine stain birthmarks, hemangiomas (strawberry patches) and spider naevi. In most cases, laser treatment is recommended for birthmarks. We have seen great success with the reduction, and in some cases, removal of these birthmarks.

With some birthmarks such as the hemangioma, it’s important to treat them as early as possible. The Skin Centre has two on-site theatres, where the procedures are conducted. Patients as young as three weeks have had successful laser at our Centre.

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