Anti Ageing Treatments

Australia has a high index of UV which predisposes patients to photodamage, which in turn contributes to skin ageing, The Skin Centre has over 20 years of expertise in anti-ageing skin solutions.

Treatments such as fractional laser will complement anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and chemical peels in significantly reducing the skin’s ageing process.


healthy skin ageing tips: age 20-30

  • At this age it is all about prevention, stop intentionally sunbathing, any suntan means you are damaging your skin

  • Use 50+ broad spectrum sunscreens and wear sunglasses

  • Stop frowning, it will give you wrinkles later

  • A low GI diet will help to reduce acne


healthy skin ageing tips: age 30-45

  • Use a 50+ broad spectrum sunscreen and wear sunglasses

  • You need to start getting more serious about your food, eat some blue foods containing Procyanidins (blueberries are a great source)

  • If you haven’t stopped frowning now, get your dermatologist to do it for you

  • Start a maintenance programme by using Matrixyl containing night serums

  • Consider a light chemical peel program


healthy skin ageing tips: age 45+

  • As you hit your mid-forties, you may need more help with your skin and anti-ageing program

  • Get your skin checked for sun damage

  • Treat dry skin by avoiding hot showers and using a regular moisturiser at night

  • Use matryxil at higher concentrations

  • Consider a topical retinoid cream if you are out in the sun and have left it too late

  • Continue your maintenance programme with light chemical peels or move up to fractional laser

  • Get sagging skin lifted with the Ultraformer (an ultrasound device)

  • Fix any irritation between the toes, a simple antiseptic like methylated spirits or medihoney cream should do the trick